Moving forward in leaps and bounds


A quick summary of some of the projects we have completed to date.


Moving forward always requires practice, patience and a desire to understand more. Sea3D are never idle between projects.

Utilizing the correct thermoplastics for your needs, parts can be strong, durable, UV resistant, chemical resistant, even fire retardant and self extinguishing!

From TPU rubber to carbon fiber infused nylons, even ASA and PEEK.

If you have an idea, Sea3D will help you bring that idea to life. Sea3D Palma has its core business as 3D printing, however we also utilise other production techniques which together with 3D printing can compliment the manufacturing processes. This helps to get to the finish line (at times) quicker and at a more competitive price, without compromising quality. These techniques can include laser cutting, forged carbon molding, CNC machining, and many more.

Completed Projects


Forged carbon fiber components.


Replacement parts, either one offs or multiple pieces for backup.


Custom mounting bracket for instruments, made functional to withstand being used as a step up onto the boom.


Bird deterrent spikes placed on the spreaders during winter periods and easily disassembled and stacked for easy storage during the summer.


Custom vent covers


Window guides, turned and CNC milled.


CNC milled parts.


Polyeurathane molded parts for small to medium production items.



Our latest development is utilizing polyeurathane resin casting for its multi-purpose applications. A component or part is first 3D printed as per the clients requirements. The finish on this part can be specified – either showing a gloss or matt finish etc. and dimensional accuracy is checked. Once approved a multi cavity silicone mold of the component is cast and we are then able to produce small to medium production runs of the item. This produces quality products, on time and at a fare price.

Photo 1

Our show box (Photo 1) illustrates the many faculties and manufacture techniques we are capable of:

  1. Handle – The mold was 3D printed and then forged carbon fiber molded.
  2. Casing – 3D printed, then loaded into a CNC router for finishing details and ensuring the accuracy of hole locations, then filled, sanded and painted.
  3. Internal items: Some items were 3D printed and finished with different finishes. Some CNC routed from different materials, then a silicone mold cast for each item, then polyeurathane resin cast each item and assembled.

3D printed metal….. yes you read that correctly! We are doing research and development on 3D printed metals. Their uses and applications and how it can benefit our clients in the many different industries we cater to.


We have also recently invested in a resin (SLA) printer, which unlocks greater possibilities for us. Renowned for its extremely high accuracy, incredible finish and detail on parts.

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