A Year Later


A quick summary of some of the projects we have completed to date.


Moving forward always requires practice, patience and a desire to understand more. Sea3D are never idle between projects.

Sea3D Palma prides itself in printing functional end use parts. Idea, Design, Print is as simple as it is. CAD drawings are used to ensure the idea is designed to the correct specifications, and then printed with top quality filaments which are fit for purpose. Prints can also be made for molds, prototyping, or parts for both interior and exterior.
Utilizing the correct thermoplastics for your needs, parts can be strong, durable, UV resistant, chemical resistant, even fire retardant and self extinguishing!
From TPU rubber to carbon fiber infused nylons, even ASA and PEEK.
If you have an idea, Sea3d will have the solution for you.

Completed Projects


Anchor chain markers designed specifically for irregular sized chains.


Redundant parts, either one offs or multiple pieces for backup.


Custom mounting bracket for instruments, made functional to withstand being used as a step up onto the boom.


Bird deterrent spikes placed on the spreaders during winter periods and easily disassembled and stacked for easy storage during the summer.


Custom vent covers


Hydraulic hose guide/ protector.


Compass Cover


Underwater light guard installed in the laz to prevent damage when storing items..


3D printing is not quite as easy as press print and it will do exactly what you are thinking. Understanding the different strengths that can be reached involve practising different printing infil patterns, line widths, temperatures and many other parameters. Collapsable sections also provide options to print a moving part. This practicing is considered ‘playtime’ for the team. Another recent venture has involved 3D printing a mold and then using forged carbon fibre to create a durable and strong part with a smooth finish.

Other ideas created and then perfected have included making a winder for straps and a spray gun versatile to fit on any spray can. All available for order if it peaks your interest.