What Do We Do?

We create solutions,
And Make A Difference

Our services include the smallest most intricate prints, to the elaborate large scale industrial projects.

Adam Hauck, an experienced Super yacht captain, and Nick McMullen, an innovative engineer working in the yachting industry both for many years, have joined forces amidst the Covid pandemic to create an industrial 3D printing company in Palma de Mallorca called Sea3D.

Our dynamic collection of printers allows us to offer large scale industrial 3D printed solutions for a wide range of industries.

Latest Project


We were approached by I3 composites to design and print custom bump guards for the capping rail of a sailing boat. The aim was to protect the capping rail from any paint damage caused by the movement of pulley blocks whilst racing.

In some cases, these bump guards were a total length of 600mm (and we were pushing some of our machines to their limits), however with some very clever design work we came up with an idea to split these longer parts into sections, print some drilling jigs, and then bond the parts to join them.

We used an ASA polymer for these (known as a strong, impact resistant and UV resistant), a great polymer for most exterior components which are exposed to the harsh elements, and so particularly good for use on the Super Yachts.

Product Applications



In the yachting industry there is so much that is bespoke to clients needs, we can offer reasonably priced useable 3D printed samples in relatively short delivery times,  for boat owners to try and test before spending a lot of money on actually manufacturing complex parts. 

We can print moulds for composite works, saving a lot time in between design and manufacture process.



An area we hope to “make a difference” in. We will be sourcing out leaders in these fields and work closely with them to demonstrate how 3D printing can make the greatest difference in peoples lives. As well as in the veterinary field , helping injured and immobile animals live a better life with us.



We can offer wonderfull proof of concept models and even end use products. We can also print accurate jig fixtures and templates



With our FUNMAT HT and the exotic materials we are able to print , the skies are the limit ! We would like to assist in research and development of specialized products for the aerospace industry and hopefully get our name up there!!

Progression & Development

While we establish ourselves in Palma, we will continually research and develop our 3D printing capabilities and skills. With the wide range of engineering polymers available such as PEEK, ULTEM and CARBON FIBER, we are constantly in discussions with our suppliers about new and upcoming polymers, as well as discussing the best possible polymers for your products.