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Yes, It’s possible

From kids toys to prosthetic limbs and implants , the possibilities are endless with 3D printing , and sea 3D is determined to prove it. Fabrication of parts from plastic polymers ranging from PLA, ABS, ASA and NYLON (Basic to semi engineering plastics) all the way up to HIGH TEMP NYLON , PEEK and ULTEM (Industrial engineering plastics)

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Ok everyone step aside !!!

This monster of a machine will be the first of many of our industrial sized printers. The Modix BIG X boast a print bed of 1200x600x640 (X,Y,Z Millimeters), The Modix was bought with the intention of entering into the industrial size printing fields, allowing us to 3D print things like moulds for composite works and large modulised components for super yachts and more.

Printable Materials:

Measure Twice
Print Once

Words that we live by!

Sea3D was born out of a passion for 3D printing shared by Adam and Nick. One with a vision to 3D print his own yacht, the other for 3D printing solutions for various applications and industries. 

Both with a vision of creating a successful industrial 3D printing company capable of proving that there are no limits on what can be created or what ideas can be brought to life.

Funmat HT Enhanced

Aka Isabella

Let the fun and adventure begin with the FUNMAT HT Enhanced! This machine has been designed to print some amazing materials of the likes of  PEEK , ULTEM and many other high performance polymers. These materials can allow finished products to with stand temperatures of up to 300°C , resist harsh chemicals , solvents and even radiation, not to mention their high strength to weight ratios.

We believe this machine, with its arsenal of thermoplastics and abilities will expose us to industries like aerospace , military and even medical industry,  as well as make significant improvements and innovations of products in the super yachting industry.

Printable materials:

Creality CR10

Aka Camila

The Creality CR10 is the big brother of the Ender 3, with a slighty larger build plate and a few extras gadgets installed enables us to tackle some tricky projects with remarkable results. This is a great machine for prototyping.

Printable materials:

Creality Ender 3

Aka Mariana

Creality have become one of the leading manufacturers of printers for hobbyists and small businesses, their value for money, ease of use and versatility make them ideal for both first time users and well as the seasoned 3D experts.

The Creality Ender3 is a sturdy workhorse that we have used for many years now making the simplest components for house hold items to parts for super yachts and workshop tools and jigs.

The Ender 3 will run day and night with little to no hiccups what so ever, we use these machines for smaller components and small to medium production runs.

Printable materials: