Bimini mounting brackets

A custom bimini frame was fabricated by Marlin Marine for a Super Yacht, and they needed to manufacture some backing plates to attach the bimini onto the boat.  As usual with the tight timeframes in Super Yachting, to manufacture these backing plates with traditional machining methods would mean missing the deadline for delivery.

We were asked if we could assist in the manufacture of the backing plates for the bimini.

With some quick design work, we printed a small sample piece overnight. In the morning they could check the fit on the boat. Once they were happy, we sent detailed drawings showing how the parts would be printed to include specific areas with a solid infill allowing them to drill the mounting holes in situ, we then started printing.

Within a week, 4 sets of mounting brackets were complete and delivered. A great show of how 3D printing can be used to cut manufacturing times significantly and produce functional components for end use.

We used an ASA polymer for these (strong, impact resistant, and UV resistant). A great polymer for most exterior components exposed to the harsh elements, and so particularly good for use on the Super Yachts.